How much does location matter in mobile? 1

Addictive MobilityLocation matters in mobile advertising. Everybody knows that, but how much does location matter in mobile? That’s a question up for debate. Ask anyone in the industry and you will receive very different answers to that question.

On January 19th, IAB Canada is putting on its X-Series: Metrics conference in Montreal and Naveed Ahmad, CEO at Addictive Mobility, will discuss how much so, and why it is so important.

X-Series Metrics

What do you need to know about mobile location data for you to have an idea about the importance of location? How about mobile location targeting? How do you use location to lift mobile advertising performance?

25% of all mobile campaigns in 2014 required some type of geotargeting. Online geographic location data comes from either IP targeting (where the user is connected when accessing the web) or profile data (user submitted information). We know that both work for mobile, but what else is available? Of course there is GPS, but also beacons and cell tower triangulation.

How is this location data obtained and how accurate is it? Naveed will explain everything didn’t know you needed to know about mobile location data while walking us through a few case studies to put it into context you can use for your own brand.

You can register for the X-Series Metrics Montreal event here.

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