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If you follow my blog you know who I am, Samuel Parent, digital marketing / communications / advertising specialist. I am a consultant for ad agencies, media and advertisers. I also do training on a variety of digital marketing topics. I cover a very wide spectrum of topics and sub-topics.

You can find here my custom training offering and topics curriculum in its entirety as well as a complete list of my past training sessions.

You can find here a recent article about how to go about setting up custom training with me.

But what might not be clear for you is why you should hire me to train your team(s). Here are 9 reasons why I’m probably a good fit to train your team.

#1 Practical experience

If you research me and find my LinkedIn resume you’ll see I have a long experience of working on both the media planning and buying, and the media selling side of the industry. I’ve worked a several levels from grunt to general manager. I’ve worked for large and small companies, with large and small, regional and international clients. My current consulting clients keep me current with all sides of the industry including advertisers directly.

#2 I’m generous

I’m very generous with my time, knowledge and experience. I will take all necessary time during the training session to answer questions to your satisfaction – relating answers to your situation. I will offer if necessary multiple examples and scenarios to explain concepts fully and relevantly for you. I’ll also explain to you how the other side of the industry (opposite to you) reacts and behaves internally for various situations.

#3 Real Customization

As explained in a previous article, before training happens, we’ll have a meeting to discuss your objective in doing this training, your team’s level of knowledge and experience, the topics to be addressed. I’ll also ask for any previously used training materials, presentations, case studies and media kits so that my training builds upon what you do while also telling you how others are doing differently what you do. I’ll use as much of your material as is relevant to the training making it that much more personal.

#4 Long-term after sale service

I include my email address at the bottom of every slide of my training materials. It is there so that should questions come up, no matter how far in the future, you can reach me and ask away. It will be my please to connect again and satisfy your curiosity or re-explain something that might not have seemed important during the training but is becoming so now. By “no matter how far in the future” I don’t simply mean days or weeks after the training – but months and years.

#5 Bilingual

I am almost perfectly bilingual. I was raised in a French Canadian family and attending French elementary and high school in Toronto and then English Cegep and University in Montreal where I now live. Whatever training material I prepare for your team can be adapted, translated and presented just as easily for a French team as it would be for an English team.

#6 Willing to travel

Although I have no desire to be constantly away from home, I am willing to travel, by car, train, but or air to get to you or wherever you want to have the training performed – rest assured I ensure to always be well rested before a full day of training – regardless of travel.

#7 Original training content

I have been teaching digital marketing in one way or another since 2004. I have mostly done, and still do, training for IAB Canada, I’ve also taught at Universitéde Montréal, with colleagues and independently (as I’m offering now through this post) throughout this period. If your request coincides perfectly with an IAB Canada course – I will recommend that. If however your needs are different then I will work with you to prepare the proper and original training material. I avoid mixing training materials to avoid confusion.

#8 Flexible training schedule

I will work with you to find the training schedule that works best for you, be it a half day, full day, two days in a row, one day here and there, or a regular webinar…  Whatever works for you and makes sense “travel-wise” will work for me.

#9 Affordable

A full day of training with me is $3,000. That includes preparatory work on my part, customization and after training support. That also includes a digital copy of the training materials which I do not print. Different training lengths vary in pricing. The only incidental is travel costs, for which I always look for efficiencies.

So you see there are numerous reasons to connect with me and set up training. today to set up training for your team.

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