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Are you interested in getting your team or company trained in any facet of digital marketing or advertising? I could be who you are looking for.


I am an independent digital marketing consultant and trainer. I am flexible in many ways to benefit you. I am flexible in adapting training materials for you and your team’s level of expertise. I am flexible in covering the topics you need to have understood by your team. I am flexible in training materials to use – I like you use as much of your own material as I can to make the training that much more relevant to your staff. I am flexible with my time and can adjust a training schedule that will make sense for you, be it 1 hour a week in person or webinar (depends on location) or a few half days, or consecutive full days. I am flexible to travel wherever you need me.


I have been in marketing, communications and advertising since 1995. I’ve worked in market research, media and full service advertising agencies on large and small, international and local accounts. I’ve worked in media sales as a representative and director of sales for both local and national teams. I’ve been a general manager of digital responsible for web development, content development, and human resources, the budget, training and sales performance. On both agency and sales sides I’ve worked in digital and traditional media – I can easily relate digital concepts to traditional ones to make learning simpler.

I am an industry leader as the interactive advertising bureau of Canada’s Quebec regional director (IAB Canada). I am an instructor, for IAB Canada, at the University of Montreal and on my own. I am a digital marketing consultant and coach.

I’ve been doing custom training and public training on my own and for IAB Canada since 2004.

How do we set up your training?

Your first step is to reach out to me through my contact page either by email, phone or mail. You can also reach out to me through most social networks. You’ll want to let me know what it is you believe you need.

I’ll then get back to you with questions to get a firmer grasp of your situation and needs as well as you team’s and organisation’s level of expertise in the various topics we’ll want to cover. I’ll then propose a curriculum adapted to your request and an estimate of how much training time that represents (a few hours, a day or more) and alternatives on how best to transmit the teaching you need.

Check out the various topics I can cover on my service offering page here.

I’ll ask for any internal materials you have, case studies, media kits, agency presentations which I’ll integrate wherever relevant in my training content to use examples your people will be able to relate to or talk to specifically with new understanding.

We’ll then discuss availabilities and a training schedule that works best for your work schedule and makes sense cost-wise.

How long in advance do you need to plan?

Ideally, contact me at least one month in advance. Longer is always better and I can also sometimes turn around within a week, but one month is just right.

Why so long? I need time to prepare materials that will be just right for you and your team. More problematic though is on your end as you need to coordinate your team’s agendas to find a date where they are all there and available together.

Contact me today to start planning your next training needs.

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