Mobile is here now, are you? 1

This is it! Mobile is here! The year of mobile! Yeah yeah, I know, for the 8th year in a row (or more).

Is it the year of mobile?

So is it really the year of mobile? When you look at all the numbers from penetration to usage, ad spend and mobile commerce, there’s a definite upward trend. But is it enough to call it “the year of mobile?” In my personal opinion, we’re not there yet, but we’re really close.

It really doesn’t matter!

It doesn’t matter because all of these numbers are in the past. Where you are going with your business is in the future, and you’re not there yet – in the future that is.

It doesn’t matter because getting there takes time to plan, develop and launch.

Looking back at all those impressive numbers trying to convince you it’s the year of mobile, you should be convinced at least that that famous year of mobile is actually coming soon. If you don’t plan NOW to be ready for it, you won’t be there for it.

What does it really matter?

You know what, it matters because most of you don’t current have a mobile strategy or plan, and most of you are there yet. Start planning today while there is still a tiny window of time left for you to get it wrong and fix it before your audience is all there. If you don’t, rest assured that at least one of your principal competitors will get there and nab your clients from you, if they’re not already doing it.

Hurry up!

Your clients, consumers and prospects are all, without exception, on their way there right now. There in this case is both the future and the mobile first world that the digital marketing community has been preaching about.

As I have to repeat to some of my clients, your place is not to choose where and when you will communicate with your clients. Your place is to decide when to be there where the consumer is expecting to find you.

And no, you do not have more pressing priorities than being ready where your audience is expecting to find you. Everything else is secondary.

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