Are you ready for Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation next week?

Much has been said and distributed about CASL / Bill C-28 / Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation which finally comes into effect on July 1st. Are you ready?

My goal here is not to rehash everything, but to point you towards all the latest resources about this new law, its implications and requirements for you as marketers. Exactly what do you need to know?

Quick facts:

–        You can communicate with prospects for up to 6 months with implicit consent, or until they unsubscribe, or convert into clients

–        You can communicate with clients for up to 2 years with implicit consent, or until they unsubscribe, or remain active clients

–        You can communicate indefinitely with explicit double opt-in registrants

–        CASL is mostly aimed at business to consumer electronic communications (email, social messages, text messaging…)

–        Applicable to international companies communicating with Canadians in Canada.

–        Not applicable to Canadian companies communicating with contacts outside Canada, however you do need to follow each country’s anti-spam laws.

Are your newsletters segmented by type of contact? Do you have a true double opt in for your newsletter registrants? Here are a few articles that will help you know more about the law, its regulations and what you need to do to prepare.

And for my francophone friends…

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