Required social sharing tech know-how for digital sales people

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I’ve been recently covering the various technologies digital media salespeople need to be familiar with. So far I’ve covered marketing techad tech,  real-time bidding tech, presentation tech, file hosting & sharing tech, newsgathering tech, and social media tech.

Today I’m covering social sharing tech.

Post lightly updated 7 October 2019.

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Why Automate Social Sharing?

This particular type of tool is for the more advanced users out there who, as with everything else I’ve shared so far, need to save time wherever possible. They are also called auto-posting tools,

Social sharing techs are linkers and connectors that allow for easy sharing of your content to multiple endpoints. That is, they will submit for posting on your social media accounts. These allow for simple sharing across networks as well as post automation across networks. For example, if you cut and paste LinkedIn posts to Facebook or Twitter, there’s a tool to do that automatically. Or, if you manually share blog articles to your social accounts, they allow you to connect one with the other through RSS feeds and set rules.

These rules include the maximum you wish to publish daily – so as not to over post. It is important to limit yourself to a low frequency on Facebook and LinkedIn. However, it is perfectly fine (recommended even) to put it really high on Twitter. Further, the tools allow for a time delay if you want things to appear at a set time versus simultaneously.

If you regularly share news, thoughts or links to your network of contacts to demonstrate your know-how and the kind of value you can bring your clients, I highly recommend you look into this type of solution to save you precious time while extending your reach and frequency.

Social Sharing Tech

Some of the social sharing automation solutions include Stream Send,, IFTTT, Buffer App, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Sprout Social, RSS Graffiti and OnlyWire.

You probably noticed that some of the social media aggregators and social listening tools offer this automation service as well.

If you host a blog with WordPress, you might consider these plugins: Jetpack Publicize, 1-Click Retweet/Share/Like, SocialPublish, NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster, MailChimp Social. Many of these also exist for the Joomla platform.

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Authored by Samuel Parent.

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