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I’ve been recently covering the various technologies digital media salespeople need to be familiar with. So far I’ve covered marketing techad tech,  real time bidding tech, presentation tech as well as file hosting & sharing tech.

Today I’m covering news gathering tech.

The old way of staying up to date on your industry, your media and your clients was to read industry journals, magazines, the local and / or national newspaper (be it printed or digital) and newsletters. All of these solutions take time and include much information you don’t need or are interested in – weeding through the unnecessary to get to the essential information you’re after is a lengthy process which, let’s face it, you don’t always take the proper time to do.

In come RSS readers and social media aggregators to save you much time and simplify the scanning and reading process as well as highlighting important sought after information.

RSS Readers

RSS readers come in many varieties Some are very text heavy and show many articles rapidly while others take on a more magazine feel with fewer articles presented per screen with pictures. Your RSS reader becomes your personalized daily newspaper in that you decide what to feed it. They take little time to set up and save a ton of time in keeping up to date.

They become an alternative method of getting your news to receiving and piling up many industry specific newsletters which can clog up your email inbox. Instead of receiving one email (daily or otherwise), you receive individual articles which you can rapidly scan among the many others you subscribe to, you can save one article for later reference, share it or indicate it as read.

It saves a lot of time because you only receive those you really want, and rapidly scan all of them to focus on the few that really hold interest for you each day. To get started, pick one reader among the following which you like (although actual experience will tell you which type will work for you). Then visit your favorite news sources and look for the RSS or FEED icon to get that particular segment’s feed to integrate into your reader. Say you want the automotive section of your local newspaper and the social media section of an industry news website as well as another section of yet another site; each site normally offers one global feed as well as specific feeds per news category or site section so you can really pick and choose what you want to see in your reader. Further, you can just as easily remove one particular feed if you find it has lost its relevance to you or is redundant with another.

Some offer a magazine like experience like Feedly, FeedReader, Dotdotdot, Feedspot, Tiny Tiny RSS, Taptu, Aol Reader and Evernote while others offer a more traditional RSS reader bulk text experience such as Digg reader, G2Reader, CommaFeed, The Old Reader,  and RSSReader.

Next week I’ll cover social media aggregators for that side of the news gathering equation.

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