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I’ve been recently covering the various technologies digital media salespeople need to be familiar with. So far I’ve covered marketing techad tech,  real time bidding tech and presentation tech.

Today I’m covering file hosting & sharing tech.

File Sharing tech

Sending documents by email can sometimes become a problem when there are multiple files involved, of they weigh too much, or yet again of they need to be shared or updated jointly. In come the file hosting and sharing techs and services.

There are large file transfer solutions which only allow you to send attachments that are too big for regular email programs (over 10mb) to another party. Sometimes they will hold the file so it can be resent to someone else at a later date. Most are free for limited use but requirement payment for regular or extensive use. These include the likes of Webcargo, Hightail (formerly YouSendIt), WeTransfer, Transfer Big Files, DropSend, SendThisFile, FileMail, MailBigFile  and many others.


File hosting solutions, also known as a cloud drive allow you to host files, directories and subdirectories. They further allow you to share specific files and or folders with other people, and to manage their editing privileges. Most offer ample drive space for regular usage for free but can offer much more storage at a premium. One smart way to go about managing this space for free is to have an account with each of the major services. Not only does this grant you much more drive space, but also flexibility to cater to clients who may prefer one or another.

Principal file hosting solutions include Dropbox, MediaFire, Google drive, iCloud, SkyDrive, Box, 4Shared and RapidShare to name but a few.

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