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Does your team need digital media training? How about Digital media sales training? I, Samuel Parent, can create a custom training curriculum to bring your team up to speed on the topics you need to learn or beef up on.


My experience in training goes back to 2002 and covers pretty much the entire spectrum of digital or interactive marketing, communications and advertising possibilities for both the buy-side and the sales-side. I’ve conducted over 350 hours of professional training in 2013 alone. Although the training performed on 2013 was on behalf of IAB Canada, I’ve also performed my own training as Titan Interactif over the years with advertisers, advertising agencies, publisher groups and digital media sales teams.

Consider me

Why should you consider me to train your organization? Because I have experience on both buy and sell sides of the industry in leadership roles which adds much insight into the “other side” of the business from you. Further, I am constantly keeping myself up to date – I read up to 2 hours of industry news, research, case studies and other organizations’ training materials every day (which sometimes includes weekends – that’s how much I love this).

How can I adapt the proper training for your team?

I can assemble training materials, concepts and examples to suite the topics you need to cover, at the level of expertise you need, for large and very small organizations, national and local business, brand focused and retail, in English and or in French. My personal experience has covered most of these situations and my upbringing in both Montreal and Toronto has made me perfectly bilingual.

Contact me

You can contact me through te form by phone to discuss your needs and possibilities.

It might very occur that I offer a custom IAB Canada training session, which I am empowered to do, if that better suits your needs. I will always recommend what best suits your needs, situation and budget.

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