Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls NY 2

Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls NY

20130630-D-13bThis was our second visit to Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls NY, in New York state, United States. The last time we came here we were in the US only 20 minutes. This time we took time to visit the falls from the American side and visited the whole restaurant which has several special rooms. This Hard Rock Cafe opened its doors on July 10, 1996. It had changed since our last visit in 2007 – at the time there was a Cadillac hanging out the front of the restaurant’s exterior.

Hard Rock Cada Niagara falls

Here are a few pictures of the Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls NY:

20130630-B-03 HRC Niagara Falls NY 20130630-D-02 20130630-D-04 20130630-D-05

20130630-D-06 20130630-D-07  20130630-D-11a  20130630-D-14 20130630-D-15 20130630-D-1620130630-D-20 20130630-D-21 20130630-D-0820130630-D-19 20130630-D-26

Here are our shirts from the Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls NY:

20130630-D-23 20130630-D-24 20130630-D-25

Here is a video of our road trip which took us to the Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls NY and many others:

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