What other Hard Rock Cafe locations do I have something from?

Last week I listed the 36 different Hard Rock Cafe, Hard Rock Hotels, Hard Rock Hotel & Casinos, Hard Rock Live and Hard Rock Club locations. If you follow my blog you might have seen me write about other locations not listed among those visited. Those are locations my friends or family members have visited and in thinking of me have brought me back a souvenir and sometimes a few pictures.

Starting with my home in Canada, I have t-shirts from the now-closed locations in Vancouver British Columbia, Banff Alberta and Edmonton Alberta which were visited by my dad in the late 90s. (3)

In the United States I have souvenirs and pictures from my dad and a few friends who visited the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood FL, Key West FL, Myrtle Beach SC, Pittsburgh PA, Maui HI, Newport Beach RI, and Dallas TX. (7)

In the rest of the Americas I have t-shirts from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, St.Maarten, Acapulco in Mexico and Cartagena in Columbia and a Hurricane glass from Nassau Bahamas. (5)

In Asia, my in-laws visited the HRC in Saigon Vietnam and a friend brought back a t-short from the Singapore location. As well my friend recently returned from a 3-week trip to China where she visited the Hard Rock Cafe Hong LKF and Macau, as well as the Hard Rock Hotel Macau and Hard Rock Casino Macau (5)

In Europe, I have shirts from the Hard Rock Cafe in Dublin Ireland, London England, Copenhagen Denmark, Barcelona Spain, Munich, Cologne, Heidelburg and Berlin in Germany, Moscow Russia, Amsterdam Netherlands, Florence and Milan Italy, Stockholm Sweden, Budapest Hungary and Lisbon Portugal (15)

Finally, I have 2 t-shirts from the Hard Rock Cafe in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In all that’s 37 other Hard Rock Cafe locations for which I have souvenirs on top of the 36 I have visited personally. This brings my total to a whopping 73! This is actually less than I thought – however what probably throws me off is my multiple visits to the same ones as well as many shirts and t-shirts form the same locations.

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