How many Hard Rock Cafes have I visited personally?

First let me answer another question I’ve been asked a few times this summer: do I work on the Hard Rock Cafe account and do I have shares in the company?

The answer is no to both. I’m just very passionate about my love for that brand. I love the locations which are similar yet each is unique. I love their menu and enjoy many of their dishes wether it’s the nachos, salads, burgers or steaks. Their deserts are also quite exquisite. I love the music played there, makes me feel right at home. I also enjoy the memorabilia which goes along with the music. Finally, I also love their varied and constantly updated cocktail list.

Now, back to my initial question: how many Hard Rock Cafes have i visited? That’s a harder question (which I’ve been asked a lot as well both by friends and HRC employees) to answer because before writing this blog post my answer was: I don’t know.

This all started for me with a family trip to Australia in 1990 where we ate at the old Sydney location (which has moved since). We also ate ate at the Honolulu Hawaii location on our return trip from this 3 week vacation. The Honolulu location has also changed since then. We had almost eaten at the San Francisco location in 1988 but with a 45 min waiting time my dad had decided we eat elsewhere. These were my first 3 visited locations.

I live in Montreal, Qc, and ate at the location here many times with clients as well as friends and family. I’ve also been to the Toronto, Ont, location many times over the years including one visit to the Skydome location which didn’t exist for very long. Ottawa, Ont, I’ve been to three times at least. In Canada I also have visited the Niagara Falls, Ont, twice now and recently the Hard Rock Club annexed to it. I’m now up to 9 locations visited.

In the United States I have visited quite a few. So after Honolulu and San Francisco, my next US trip took me to Washington DC in 1995 and then New Orleans and Atlanta locations in 1996. I visited the Hollywood location in 2002 and the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino in 2004. Then came New York in 2005 and the Tampa Hotel & Casino in 2007. In 2008 we visited Niagara Falls Canada and did a 20min detouring the US to visit the location in Niagara Falls NY. That makes another 8(not counting those first two) to the count now standing at 17.

After that we started doing more regular road trips to the US and covered a lot more ground. In 2010 we visited Philadelphia and I returned to New York (Times Square) and ate at the Yankee Stadium location. In 2011 we visited Boston, Foxwoods (Connecticut), Atlantic City as well as the Chicago Cafe and Hotel. In 2012 we returned to Boston, New York, Washington DC and visited Baltimore. We also visited the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, Hard Rock Live Orlando and the Hard Rock Hotel Orlando. I visited the Miami location on a business trip in 2012 as well. In 2013 (so far) we again returned to Boston, Chicago (cafe and hotel) and Niagara Falls NY as well as visited For the first time Detroit, Four Winds (Michigan) and Cleveland. This adds 15 to a total of 32 Hard Rock Cafe locations visited so far.

Outside the US and Canada, we also have now visited the Cafe in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and the Hotel and Casino there. We have also been to the Cancun location in Mexico. More recently we visited the Paris France location three times over a two week vacation.

This adds another four making my grand total 36 which is far less than I expected it to be. In another post I will list those locations for which I have T-Shirts or a glass which were given to me by a friend or family member. I believe that list will be a little bit more lengthy.

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