Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ together for Advanced Social Media Marketing training in Montreal 1

The big five social networks present at IAB Canada’s advanced social media marketing training day in Montreal on October 23rd.

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Experts from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ will each take turns walking you through their most recent changes and updates as well as recent marketing or advertising case studies on their platforms which showcased advanced or expert level thinking and execution.

The experts on hand at this training day are Damien Duprat of Facebook(in French), Vinay Chandra of Google for both Google+ and YouTube (in English), Real Mahadeo of LinkedIn (in French), and Kathryn Buczko of Twitter (in English). The day will be moderated by Xavier Poulin-Gladu of TC Media and Oliver Ceballos of BCP, both experience in the planning and execution of social media marketing programs and advertising campaigns.

This training day is unique in Canada in that it brings together the big 5 social networks used by Canadians for B2B and B2C and unique that it will explore for an entire day advanced strategies and techniques to help you get to the next level faster.

This course will take place in a Université Laval auditorium in their Montreal Campus on October 23rd, from 8:30am to 5pm. Registrants are expected to arrive around 8am.

Are you registered to attend? Register here.

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