Hard Rock Cafe Saigon

Hard Rock Cafe Saigon

My in-laws visited Vietnam with a 3-week guided tour in late2012. Their itinerary allowed them a few hours of free time in Ho Chi Min City, Saigon before the end of the war. This gave the time to take a taxi ride to visit this the Hard Rock Cafe Saigon to bring back t-shirts for my kids and me, as well as quite a few great pictures of the interior and exterior of this exotic location.

Hard Rock Cafe Saigon

They were greeted as the collector I am and got the grand tour from the local manager. This location originally opened its doors as the Hard Rock Cafe Ho Chi Min City on December 17th, 2009. It only recently changed its name to Hard Rock Cafe Saigon.

You will find here a few pictures of the Hard Rock Cafe Saigon:

Here are our t-shirts from the Hard Rock Cafe Saigon:

This last one is my friend Stéphane’s

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