Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

My childhood friend, Christophe Belzile, brought me back a t-shirt from the Hard Rock Cafe Berlin for my birthday after having visited it with his girlfriend and daughter in the fall of 2012.

This is in addition to another which my sister had brought back from her summer there in German immersion in the mid-1990s. This location opened its doors initially on May 18th, 1992. The Hard Rock Cafe Berlin moved on April 25/26th 2010 to its current location.

Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

You will find here a few pictures of the Hard Rock Cafe Berlin:

Photos of Hard Rock Cafe Berlin, BerlinPhotos of Hard Rock Cafe Berlin, BerlinPhotos of Hard Rock Cafe Berlin, BerlinThese photos are courtesy of TripAdvisor

picture from my friend Christophe Belzil who’s visited here on a few occasions.

photo by Kurfursteindamm224, thanks!photo from HardRock.com

Here are my t-shirts from the Hard Rock Cafe Berlin:

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