Hard Rock Cafe Skydome 1

Hard Rock Cafe Skydome

In 2003-2004 I visited Toronto on business a few times and one time I slept at the Radisson Hotel in the Skydome where the Toronto Blue Jays play, which has since been renamed the Rogers Center. At the time, there was a second Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto at the Skydome. I know I ate here once as I brought back a shirt and a glass.

Hard Rock Cafe Skydome

I hadn’t yet started tasting the Local Legendary Burger so I am sorry I cannot describe what it was.

Here are a few photos of the Hard Rock Cafe Skydome :

photo from Andreas Burgelt in 2006

photo from Holger Bachmann in 2003photo from Beat Bodenmann in 2000

Here are my t-shirts from the Hard Rock Cafe Skydome :

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