Searching for alternatives…: Google Reader is dead pt.3

greader-logoTwo days ago I started this 3-part series about Google Reader’s imminent closure with how an RSS reader allows me to plow through large volumes of news articles and blog posts, as I categorize them into topics relevant to me. I continued yesterday with how I actually get through all my reading material daily and share what’s important.

Today I will conclude with how I use my reader to search for stats, reports and insightful content as well as which alternatives I’ve found.


In my function, I am sometimes asked by members, mostly the French or Quebec ones, for research requests of all kinds relevant to digital marketing and advertising. My Toronto colleague gets the bulk of research requests from there and the rest of the country. I can usually answer those requests by searching first among the volumes of white papers and research documents I constantly save and categorize to my compute, AND I search across my feeds through Google Reader to see what else is out there I may not have found interesting at the time but is of importance to someone at the moment.

So far, none of the alternative readers offer the search function, into the history of all your feeds. The few that do didn’t impress me.


At this time, I have tried 8 or 9 different readers and apps and rapidly discarded almost all of them. Some were really pretty, magazine-like, but that’s not what I am looking for. I’m looking first and foremost to rapidly scan through volumes of new articles daily, save those I want to get back to when I have the time, share those I thing are worthy and be able to search through it all when I want.

goodnoows One RSS reader I liked for usability and some of its options is called However, too many of my must-haves are not available. Further, it isn’t mobile friendly; it doesn’t allow you to save articles for later reading, rather it lets you save them with external services; it doesn’t allow you to view a full article within its environment, it automatically sends you away. Sharing is easy with GoodNoows, but only to one social media at a time.


I’m left with one viable alternative I don’t much love (yet) = NetVibes. It does the most and meets my likes the most, but not exactly the way I’m used to. It does not have a mobile app nor is it mobile optimized. I cannot use the sharing function on mobile either.

I understand I’ll have to change my habits but I expect to find something better or that will save me time, not generate more work for me – that would defeat the purpose and make me miss Google Reader that much more when it’s really gone.

Now I’m getting used to NetVibes while seeking other alternatives and trying to catch up on everything I had saved in Google reader (for future reference). We can all being our grieving process now that we know there is a shimmer of light at the end of this dark tunnel Google has thrown us into. I can only hope the alternatives will become a lot better as Google Reader users migrate to them.

If anyone has suggestions or other alternatives I may not have considered, I am all ears and eyes.

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