Hard Rock Cafe Orlando 2

In August of 2012, we traveled To Florida for 7 days at the Walt Disney World Resort In Orlando. As on a previous trip, we also spent 2 days at Universal Studios Orlando and the Islands of Adventures park. In case you’ve never been there, Universal Studios has many attractions but few coasters or thrill rides while Islands of Adventures has more roller coasters and more intensity overall. Both are very associated with films. We preferred the second park and the new Wizzarding World of Harry Potter was outstanding, more so than many sections at Disney.

The Hard Rock Cafe Orlando is located in between both parks and is actually accessible from within the Universal Studios park. We spent the first day at this park and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando which is, by far, the largest in the world. When the day was over, we walked over to the Hard Rock Hotel right next door – an upcoming course will present this fabulous location.

We spend the next day at Islands of Adventures with another family of friends that had traveled with us to Disney. They also have an appreciation for the Hard Rock Cafe so we  had supper there at the end of the day. annexed to it is Hard Rock Live, a large concert hall where rock bands perform regularly.

Here are a few photos of the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando :

Here’s the Local Legendary Burger: Dagwood style with three thin beef patties, with a different type of cheese between, over and above each (provolone, mozzarella, cheddar, swiss), onion ring, tomato, lettuce and mushrooms:

And our other meals:


Here are the t-shirts we bought at the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando:

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