Deliver my campaign as fast as possible? Why? 1

Why would you run an online display campaign “as fast as possible” instead of “delivered evenly” ?

As you are undoubtedly aware, ad servers used to deliver online display campaigns come with many options and possibilities. One of the options is the pacing of the campaign. You can either set it to deliver evenly, or as fast as possible.

By default most ad servers deliver evenly. By default, most campaigns are planned with an even delivery of impressions or clicks from start to finish, like most offline campaigns.  Because online ad inventory is managed single impression by single impression as opposed to a spot which generates multiple simultaneous ad impressions, the possibility to achieve an objective faster than planned or expected is possible.

Here’s a case for why to run some campaigns as fast as possible. I submit that if your campaign objective is one of direct response, be it to generate sales, registration to a newsletter or the download of a white paper, wouldn’t you want to generate those sales (for example) faster rather if possible? Running this type of campaign as fast as possible will still respect your other campaign parameters such as targeting and frequency caps, however it will generate responses faster, over a shorter period of time, than you may have planned for.

Of course, there may be a certain volume of sales or service which you can handle and generating more demand could mean going beyond your ability to properly serve clients. But this is not the case for all products, services or businesses.

Why wait for results later when you can generate them now? Generating results faster will grow your business faster allowing you to invest in your growth, so you may handle larger volumes of demand. It would also justify spending more to keep that demand coming.

Consider how you go about buying paid search ads. You generate and pay for clicks as fast as you can. If your objective is the same or similar with display ads, why wait for results?

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