In February on my blog: Hard Rock Cafe Orlando & Yahkee Stadium, Badge Jedi and CRM integration

Here’s what you missed if you didn’t visit my blog in February:

5 February : IAB Québec revoit sa gouvernance (Fr)

8 February:  400 Foursquare badges, the adventure continues (Eng)

12 February: Mobile Marketing course Overhauled (Eng)

14 February: 18e voyage virtuel sur la côte est Américaine (Fr)

15 February: Hard Rock Cafe Yankee Stadium (Eng)

21 February: Hard Rock Cafe Orlando (Fr)

22 February: Foursquare Badge Jedi (Eng)

25 February: CRM: l’intégration (Fr)

26 February: IAB’s Digital Media sales Certification recognized in Canada (Eng)

28 February: 1er Voyage virtuel en Europe (Fr)

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