Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach 2

Last September 2012, a good friend of our who always travels with us took a trip with her parents to Myrtle Beach. As she often travels with us, I’ve contaminated her with my passion for e Hard Rock Cafe. She took the opportunity to initiate her parents to the restaurant and they like it so much they asked to return for a 2nd visit during their week there. They also ate on their return at the Hard Rock Cafe Washington DC and the Hard Rock Cafe New York at Times Square.

While in Myrtle Beach she took the time to visit the location of the now closed Hard Rock Park which is a theme park the chain opened very briefly a few years back with attractions and roller coasters.

Unfortunately, she did not think to ask what’s in the Local Legendary Burger.

Here are a couple of photos of the Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach:

Here are the t-shirts bought at the Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach:

Here are a few pictures of the Hard Rock Park Myrtle Beach:

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