New Year’s Resolution – Clean Up Your Act on Social Media 2

Do you ever think of every network online you’ve created an account? Have you ever done inventory of all your social media presences? Including those you don’t visit anymore?

I may personally go beyond the usual call of duty in exploring new social networks and platforms than most of you, but I suspect I am not alone – regardless of the reasons for creating countless new accounts left and right.

Start the year off right by doing your online “spring cleanup” now. Search your files for all those logins you’ve taken notes for. Start a list with network / platform on a separate line. Then think of the others that come to mind for which you may not have notes for. Finally, google yourself and your aliases to discover everywhere else you’ve left a mark. Go several pages deep to find everywhere you have an outpost, an online presence.

Once your list is complete, consider the value of each one critically. Many are probably in your mental “trash” heap, but are still active. We all know how social media can be a time suck if not managed properly – factor that into your evaluation.

Those you decide not to keep using, take the time to deactivate, delete them.  In some cases, account closure is either extremely complicated or not possible (signs or a sub-par network?). In those cases clear out whatever content is there you don’t want to leave behind for people to find.

For those networks you choose to keep, I recommend to take one a security precaution as your 2nd new year’s resolution: change your password. There have been several breaches at major social networks in the last year where passwords were stolen – it’s always a good strategy to change it regularly although most of us really don’t.

Finally, update your list of network accounts with what is still active. Move (but keep) to a separate category those you chose to let go (just in case, they decide to come back and haunt you, you’ll still have easy access), Keep it up to date throughout the year

Happy new year again, I wish you all plenty of success and fun!

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