Hard Rock Cafe Banff 4

This is another location I have not visited personally, however I did visit Banff for a conference in May of 2001 – I highly recommend visiting the view, from anywhere in the city or area, is simply breathtaking. The Hard Rock Cafe Banff closed in June 2000, so I missed it by a year. It closed at the same time as other Canadian locations including Calgary, Edmonton, Whistler and Vancouver. But, as luck would have it, my dad who traveled a lot for business back then did visit it while it was open and got me a t-shirt. The Hard Rock Café Banff originally opened on October 22, 1995.

Here are a few photos of the now closed Hard Rock Cafe Banff:

these pictures were posted online by Ralph Simon and were taken in 1997.

Here is my t-shirt from the Hard Rock Cafe Banff:

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