Hard Rock Cafe Dubai 8

I have not personnally visited Dubai yet, and I cannot see if and when that opportunity could arise. Yet my mother obtained for my birthday a few years back a T-Shirt from the Hard Rock Cafe Dubai through one of her friends who traveled there, and just recently my mother-in-law did the same through one of her nephews who’s been working there for a few years as an engineer.

The Hard Rock Cafe Dubai was established in November 2011 in its current location after having been closed since 2008. The original restaurant opened in 1997.

Here are a few photos of the old Hard Rock Cafe Dubai:


And here are a few photos of the new Hard Rock Cafe Dubai:

Photos of Hard Rock Cafe Dubai, DubaiPhotos of Hard Rock Cafe Dubai, Dubai
These photos of Hard Rock Cafe Dubai are courtesy of TripAdvisor

Here are my two t-shirt from the Hard Rock Cafe Dubai:

HRC Dubai HRC Dubai

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