Digital Marketing Priorities: #8 Stay at the forefront of digital possibilities 1

This is the eleventh post exploring my 8 digital marketing priorities in greater detail. This post will focus on keeping you alert to everything new that could affect your business or how you market it down the road.

Now that your marketing and advertising foundations are wells set for the foreseeable future, your website, SEO and social media presence is headed where you want it to be, your direct response and branding campaigns reach as far as your budgets and your optimization allows.

What else must you do? What is left to set up? You now need to be on the look out for what’s next, what isn’t on everybody’s radar at the moment.

8- Staying at the digital forefront

You first need to be “in the know”of new developments with regards to interactive and digital tactics, strategies, evolving best practices and new case studies. You will also need to pay attention to mobile environments, video (content and advertising), online and console gaming environments, group buying, digital couponing and discounting environments, new social media players and new social media environments.  This can be done by visiting digital marketing news websites, registering to their newsletters, or their RSS feeds.

Most importantly I encourage you to check out new sources regularly. There is little learning to be had in comfortable environments. I recommend noticing the actual writers (individuals) of the articles that catch your attention. They’ll often have their own Twitter handle and Facebook page and sometimes a blog. Subscribe to your competitions’ news and blog updates to see what they are up to and follow up any new sources of information mentioned by anyone you currently read or follow. Investigating these sources will bring you closer to the actual news makers and away from the reporters. As your digital experience grows, sow will your confidence in analyzing new developments.

20 years ago, annual changes in media usage and advertising spend evolved at a pace everyone could grasp and adapt to. Today however, these changes are almost mind blowing: news social media environments appear and it seems everyone’s already on there; new technologies allow automation and targeting only dreamed about a few years ago; if you can think of it, most likely someone’s built an app for that, or is in development to make the new project happen.

However, reading alone will not keep you in the know and at the forefront. By yourself you will not likely have the necessary time to keep up to date on everything that’s I portent for your company and brands – much lest what you are specifically interested in. You need to assign reading and reporting responsibilities throughout your organization. Find out who is interested in what – relative to your digital marketing evolution – and let them loose to expand their learning, to in turn to share that with your team or organization.

As I mentioned just above, reading alone will not keep you at the forefront, you will also need to try things out even if at first you do not quite get what this service, platform, technique can do for your brand. By no means should you spend extraordinary amounts of time with these new possibilities, yet you will need to understand how they work and how they can work for you. The more new possibilities you will test, the easier the testing and learning will be. Of course many new developments will fail, yet you will learn something from each failure which will save you time with a similar future opportunity. Eventually, you will better understand new possibilities before testing them.

Trying new things in their beginning means you are learning how they work at the same time as other early adopters.this also means that failing will have little real impact on your business because the scope of these new possibilities is limited at the beginning. Success indicators should encourage you to focus more time and energy on those new opportunities that perform best. By the time these become mainstream, your organization will already be comfortable with the and look like pros compared to the newcomers. You will already have experience and learning about how it works for your brands.

This concludes my 8 digital marketing priorities. I sincerely hope they’ve either confirmed your own thoughts or helped you achieve better success for your company.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below: would you change the order of digital marketing priorities I’ve put forth? Have I forgotten anything significant?

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