Canada ranks 4th in Facebook penetration WW 1

Canada ranks 4th in penetration of Facebook users WorldWide according to a March 2012 eMarketer study. This places us behind Indonesia with 82,5%, India at 63,3%  and Argentina at 62,1% but slightly ahead of the US where penetration is at 59,1%. According to recent comScore data on the reach of Facebook in Quebec (where I live) which I could compare with the total population from Statistics Canada, the penetration for this province would actually be 1 or 2 points higher than for the rest of the country (63%).

In absolute numbers however, Canada with its meager 34M total population is no heavyweight on Facebook. We rank 10th in total users per country behind Italy, France, Mexico and 6 other larger countries including the US in 1st position. Where our 61% comes out to 17,4M Facebook users in Canada, the US’ 59% come to 152,2M Facebook users.

According to another eMarketer study from February 2012, Facebook’s penetration in Canada will continue to grow by 5% in 2012, 3% in both 2013 and 2014 bringing total penetration up to 63% or 17M users at that time.


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  • Sylvain Martel says:

    It may be worth mentioning that only 7.5% of India population was considered as “internet users” in 2010 (and 9.9% in Indonesia) compared to 74% in the US and over 81% in Canada (Google public data –

    Gives a different perspective on US and Canadian Facebook penetration rates. We love Internet, and we’re almost as much in love with Facebook. And this love story (FB) In less than 10 years. Amazing.

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