Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas

I visited the Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas in August 2003 during my honeymoon. At that point, the Harc Rock Cafe itself was located within the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. However, there are now the 2 distinct locations – the Cafe reopened September 5th 2009 (as the Montreal Hard Rock Cafe was closing). The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has been around since 1995. I remember we ate there and had a Rum Runner cocktail which was slushy compared to the same I’d had over at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino where we were staying.

I have a few shirts from the Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas – though none specifically of the Hotel & Casino. There’s the one I bought myself when I was there, an older one my friend Christophe got me earlier during a trip with his dad and another I received last fall (2011) from my friend Julie’s brother.

Here are a few pictures of the old Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas:

And one of the new Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas;

Here’s the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas:

Here are my Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas t-shirts:

HRC Las vegas HRC Las vegas HRC Las vegas HRC Las vegas HRC Las vegas HRC Las vegas

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