Hard Rock Cafe Moscow

My in-laws made a wonderful trip last September 2011. They followed an organised trip through Russia visiting St-Petersburg and Moscow while passing through Munich, Germany. As is usual with organised trips of the sort, travelers have very little free / leisure time. Their days are usually booked from dawn to dusk and then some.

Lucky me once again as their itinerary took them near the HRC in Moscow as well, again with a little time to spare. I was delighted when they returned with not only a few t-shirts (many actually) but a few photos of the place which was beyond expectations given their time constraints.

Here are a few photos of the Hard Rock Cafe Moscow:

HRC Moscow HRC Moscow HRC Moscow HRC Moscow  HRC Moscow HRC Moscow

Here are the t-shirts from the Hard Rock Cafe Moscow:

HRC Moscow HRC Moscow HRC Moscow HRC Moscow HRC Moscow

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