Hard Rock Cafe Chicago

I visited Chicago in early October 2011 as I began my new job as Vice-President of IAB Canada by attending the annual Borrell Local Mobile Advertising Conference. Cette succursale de la chaîne qui me passionne tant est un mélange de deux genres. The majority or Hard Rock Cafe restaurants are dark and subdued, often closed or tight spaces (usually a consequence of downtown locations). This one is a little on the dark side, but very vast aid airy, like the stage room at the Times Square location or the Foxwoods Hard Rock Cafe. This location boasts a stage (as you’ll see below) for bands to play, like in New York, Punta Cana and many other places.  Please also checkout my recent post on the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago.

The Local Legendary Burger in Chicago is inspire the the world famous Chicago-style hot-dogs with celery salt, small green hot peppers (not jalapenos), cheddar, Polish style pickles and regular pickles, lettuce and tomato. Really really good!

HRC Chicago HRC Chicago

Here are a few photos of the Hard Rock Cafe Chicago:

HRC Chicago HRC ChicagoHRC Chicago HRC Chicago  HRC Chicago HRC Chicago  HRC Chicago

Here are the t-shirts bought at the Hard Rock Cafe Chicago:

HRC Chicago HRC Chicago 

I encourage you to also view all my Hard Rock Cafe pictures here of t-shirts and locations. Also please check out my post on Montreal’s Hard Rock Cafe that is now closed. Follow this link if you want to see the complete collection of my Hard Rock Cafe posts up until the end of 2012.

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