What are 174 more experts predicting for 2012?

Every year I publish a round up of the various blog posts that crop up on the web predicting what next year will be like – I stick to interactive marketing and relevant topics as this would never end.  If you want to see how the predicators did, check out my post from last year: What are experts predicting for 2011? or the one before that 2010 Predictions – want more?

Last December 21st, I published What are 89 experts predicting for 2012? The predictions below are all new articles published since then (over the last 6 weeks), so please go check it out if you haven’t already.

2012 in General (25 articles)

Ad Spend (13 articles)

Advertising (13 articles)

Business in general (10 articles)

Communications (1 article)

Content (6 article)

Ecommerce (12 article)

Email (8 articles)

Human Resources (6 article)

Location Based Services (1 article)

Magazines (1 article)

Marketing  (21 articles)

Media (11 articles)

Mobile (34 articles)

Music (1 article)

Newspapers (2 article)

Privacy (1 article)

Public relations (1 article)

Radio (2 article)

Real Time Bidding (4 articles)

Search (17 articles)

Social Media (68 articles)

Technology (9 articles)

Television (3 articles)

Video (12 articles)

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