Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore

I visited Baltimore, Maryland, very briefly during an extended weekend from June 23rd to 27th with my family and some friends. The main goal of the trip was to spend a day at Six Flags America between Washington DC and Baltimore and another day visiting Washington DC with diner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Our detour on the way back through Baltimore was a little luxury – quick stroll on the harbour front and diner at HRC Baltimore where a live band was playing. Our way in was marked by the end of an Orioles game as everyone was leaving the stadium we were driving by = traffic.

This is the second time I’ve benefited from a Foursquare special: get a free VIP All Access membership when checking-in! I already am an All Access member since 2005. Contrary to the Washington DC HRC, they didn’t want to offer me something difference, so I gave the All Access membership to a friend who tags along on all our trips and sometimes gets me HRC shirts from other destinations.

I did not follow with tradition to eat a Local Legendary Burger which in Baltimore is a spicy burger with jalapenos, Tabasco and caramelized onions. Instead I had the nachos of which I only ate half – see here with our cocktails: raspberry lemonade and rhum rocker.

HRC Baltimore HRC Baltimore HRC Baltimore

Here are a few photos of the Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore:

HRC Baltimore HRC Baltimore HRC Baltimore HRC Baltimore HRC Baltimore HRC BaltimoreHRC Baltimore HRC Baltimore HRC Baltimore  HRC Baltimore HRC Baltimore

Here are the t-shirts bought at the Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore with one my dad bought me 15 years ago:

HRC BaltimoreHRC BaltimoreHRC BaltimoreHRC Baltimore   HRC Baltimore

I encourage you to also view all my Hard Rock Cafe pictures here of t-shirts and locations. Also please check out my post on Montreal’s Hard Rock Cafe that is now closed. Follow this link if you want to see the complete collection of my Hard Rock Cafe posts up until the end of 2012.

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