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Where in the world is Foxwoods? That was my first question upon seeing someone wearing a Hard Rock Cafe Foxwoods t-shirt at Six Flags in Springfield Massachusetts last summer. Hard Rock Dot Com informed me it’s in Connecticut about 1h30 south of Springfield. But what’s there that warrants a Hard Rock Café (knowing full well the one in Montreal – population 3 million – closed in 2009). Foxwoods is a native American reserve where has sprouted a huge casino complex in the middle of nowhere (really) – but there is an MGM Grand alongside the Foxwoods Hotel & Casino, lots of prestigious boutiques and well known chain restaurants.

Fan as I am, I was just waiting for the occasion when the detour would make sense. It presented itself when one of our favourite bands scheduled 2 shows over a weekend taking us near Foxwoods. But I need to back track a little to put you in context. We went to see 30 Seconds to Mars in Philadelphia in April 2010 – visited the Hard Rock Cafe there, see the post here. However, the signer, Jared Leto, was sick (he’d cancelled the next days’ concert to rest which had us worried our while en route from Montreal that we might not get to see the show). The show was good, but left us wanting more and better. So we booked tickets for their next « close » weekend concert. They don’t seem to want to come to Montreal, but planned a small show in Clifton Park near Albany, New York – so we bought tickets for Saturday September 11th 2010 – not the best date to cross the Canada-US border… However the band postponed the show to take part in the MTV Video Awards, where they won an award. The reschedule was for Friday November 5th, but again that was postponed due to the European MTV Video Awards, where they also got an award. Finally the show is booked for Friday February 4th 2011, and they added a show in Wallingford Connecticut (south of Hartford which is south of Springfield and 1 hour away from Foxwoods) on Saturday February 5th – so we booked that show as well, while we were at it.

30 Seconds to Mars Setlist Northern Lights, Clifton Park, NY, USA 2011

So off we went to Clifton Park to see 30 Seconds to Mars at Northern Lights where they played with Middle Class Rut, another band played on 99,9 the Buzz. The place really isn’t a good one and the sound was crap. But at $25 a ticket we can’t complain much. Here’s the setlist of the show:

Here’s Night of the Hunter at Northern Lights:

The next morning we were off to Foxwoods. The place is like a mirage in the desert. Two new tall hotel towers among a gleaming casino complex smack dab in the middle of a forest – no village to speak of for miles. The place was built in 2003 and included a Hard Rock Café within. The restaurant is much like any other – actually reminded me a lot of Montreal’s. Here are a few pictures of the restaurant, its artefacts and the Rock Shop:

HRC FoxwoodsHRC FoxwoodsHRC FoxwoodsHRC Foxwoods HRC FoxwoodsHRC FoxwoodsHRC Foxwoods

Here’s the Local Legendary Burger (with bacon, provolone and 2 different barbecue sauces – really good) as well as our other dishes and drinks (Hurricane and Rhaspberry Lemonade):

HRC Foxwoods HRC Foxwoods  HRC Foxwoods HRC Foxwoods

Here are the t-shirts bought at Hard Rock Cafe Foxwoods:

HRC Foxwoods HRC Foxwoods HRC Foxwoods HRC Foxwoods HRC Foxwoods HRC Foxwoods HRC Foxwoods HRC Foxwoods

30 Seconds to Mars Setlist Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, CT, USA 2011, This Is War

After the late lunch, photos and tour of the boutique we left and headed for Wallingford Connecticut (no we didn’t spend a dime in the casino) for the 30 Seconds to Mars show at the Oakdale Theatre. That show made the trip worthwhile. The venue is great, everyone had a great view of the bands and the sound was great. Here’s the setlist and a few pictures:

Here’s my video of From Yesterday in Wallingford CT:

I encourage you to also view all my Hard Rock Cafe pictures here of t-shirts and locations. Also please check out my post on Montreal’s Hard Rock Cafe that is now closed. Follow this link if you want to see the complete collection of my Hard Rock Cafe posts up until the end of 2012.


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