Do I influence you?

You’ve probably heard of the influence ranking tool called Klout. You might even have had a kick out of seeing how you ranked compared to your Twitter peers a while back when everyone was talking about Klout.

But have you checked out Klout lately? Again, you might have heard they now connect with LinkedIn. So I returned to see what my score was like these days and how LinkedIn influenced it, if at all.

What I found was a service that’s now much more advanced than it once was. Klout now classifies people in differency types like Networker, Observer, Specialist and Explorer. It tells you what’s you could be called an authority on – the topics you cover when conversing on the social web (LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook).

I’m considered by Klout a specialist and an influencial about Social Media, Techno, Marketing, Tools, Media and Business.

I am influenced by these personalities, according to Klout:

91 66 65 57 48 44 42 40 39 37

They are in fact people, organisations, personalities & friends I’ve either retweeted or communicated with much, mostly on Twitter (I don’t see how Facebook & LinkedIn work into this equation).

According to Klout, I influence 709 people (probably through Twitter more than anything else)

51yan beauregard
SPECIALISTsocial media – facebook – video

45DD Nadeau
NETWORKERquebec – montreal – marketing

NETWORKERmarketing – web analytics – social media

44Exo Marketing
EXPLORERlinkedin – social media – #ie9

40Sol Tanguay
EXPLORERquebec – crm – marketing

40Brigitte Allard
NETWORKERtechno – gatineau – marketing

32Marc Poulin
SPECIALISTtechno – quebec – web2.0

29Pierre Blais


10Linda Godin

I’ve met or worked with most of these people in the past, so I’d gather that them knowing me personally in itself influences greatly whether they pay more attention to what I say and share.

According to, here’s what my Twitter Feed is all about, i.e. what my followers presumably value:

Do I influence you? If so I’d really like to know how – what do I publish or share that’s of value to you?

Do you put any stock in any of these influence measures?

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