What is Mediative?

Disclaimer – I work for Mediative now since the start of April 2011. Many have been surprised by my move and have openly asked about my reasons. Even more have asked me “what is Mediative?”

So, what is Mediative?

Mediative is quite nicely summed up in the infographic to the right here.

We are an interactive media and services firm. Are we an agency? Not really, well, where all of our services offering is concerned, yes we are. Our services are focused in everything search from SEO to SEM passing through usability, social media, lead management optimization, analytics, mobile strategy, retail monetization and performance media platform management.

I say no not really because although these are all services an Ad Agency could offer, we do not offer those services most ad agencies are known for, namely strategic marketing & communications planning, creative, media planning & buying, etc…

To those agency needs we offer our “media” side which includes location based solutions (namely print, internet & mobile yellow pages directories), deal of the day and Trader print publications. We also manage a very large display ad network which includes Yellow Page Group’s properties (Canada411, LesPac and AutoTrader) and about 120+ other individual properties & networks (US networks wich we represent in the Canadian market) which reaches approximately 17 million unique visitors monthly across 12 categories.

Those categories include: Automotive (like AutoTrader.com), business & technology (like BusinessInsider.com and Federated Media), directories (like CanadaPlus.com and Canada411.com), entertainment (like ETonline.com, Last.fm and Justin.tv), family (like Stardoll.com, ToysRUs.ca and Sears.ca), food (like Gourmandia.ca and WorldWideGourmet.com), health (like About.com/Health), home & real estate (like HomeTrader.com), men’s lifestyle (like AskMen.com and IGN.com), news & information (like Suite101.com and About.com), retail & shopping (like FutureShop.ca, BestBuy.ca, RedFlagDeals.com and Walmart.ca) and women’s lifestyle (like MarthaStewart.com and Fashionista.ca).

For the majority of these websites we manage not only their display ad inventory, but also their mobile ad inventory, be it on the mobile web or within their apps, as well as their video inventory and email possibilities.

Moreover, we manage the digital out of home offering available in-store at Future Shops and Best Buys nation-wide.

Cool, slightly wider than most media rep shop’s offering…

Beyond all of this – which is very cool indeed, I love being able to offer a client what they need because we have that possibility – there is a significant opportunity that’s lied dormant until July 2011: intent to buy targeting.

I hear you thinking, “That’s not new…” Well it is. What’s been available in terms of targeting in the past few years has been behavioural targeting, audience targeting and retargeting:

  • Behavioural targeting would identify someone looking at automotive content (news & reviews) and target ads to that someone (for example). This option works very well for advertisers.
  • Audience targeting would take a website’s login data to target ads specifically to them.
  • Retargeting will take a website’s (let’s say an auto manufacturer) visitor data (those who didn’t buy) to target them across other networks in the hope of driving them back (this works particularly well by the way).

Intent to buy targeting, similarly to behavioural, will take visitor data, but on that which has demonstrated a clear intent to buy. If you browse YellowPages.ca and search for an accountant – chances are you will hire one shortly. If you’re looking for a restaurant, you’re certainly planning a night out and will make a reservation. If you’re looking for an auto-glass repair garage, you probably have a chip in your windshield and want to get it fixed or repaired. See how this is different and ever more powerful?

Here’s another more eloquent distinction between behavioural and intent-to-buy data. My wife constant browses home renovation projects and decoration websites. Behavioural targeting would have a hardware store targeting her, regardless of the fact we aren’t planning any renovations. If however I can retarget visitors to the hardware and contractor sections of YellowPages.ca, I’m much more likely talking (showing my hardware store ad) to someone planning to spend some money on a renovation project.

That in a very large nutshell is Mediative.



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