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We talk a lot about the digital revolution that traditional media is being put through: upheaval, readership and audience shrinkage, bankruptcy, pay walls… This post is a major update to a previous one “Traditional media performance indicators” (20 January 2010), however this one is segmented in that we’ll discuss only Internet in this post. Others will follow to cover individually television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other media platforms.

What’s the situation really like in 2011? Traditional media are not dead – not yet, and not for a while at least. They’re not all as strong as they’ve once been, but they still occupy an important place in the media landscape. Let’s look at the situation with Internet a bit:


  • 71% weekly reach (comScore A18+ 2009 average) which is slightly less than daily newspapers (73%)
    • 68% weekly reach in French Canada
  • 50% of American kids 6-11 years old use Internet, also 20% of 2-5 year olds. (Nielsen)
  • 84% of 8-18 year old Americans have Internet access in 2009 vs 47% in 1999. (Kaiser Family Foundation – Harris Research) 33% in their bedroom

Time Spent

  • 654 minutes weekly spent online (comScore 2009 average A18+) or 18% of total media time, 4x more than with print media combined, 40% less than with radio.
    • 519 minutes weekly spent online in French Canada, 14% = 2.7x more than with print media combined
  • 8-18 year old Americans (Gen M2) spend 1:29 on their computer daily (vs 27min in 1999) out of a total 10:45 media time (Kaiser Family Foundation – Harris Research)
  • American men spend an average 10.8 hours online weekly vs 11.3 for women (8+) (TNS Newzoo BV)
  • +6% time spent online in the US in 2010 (155.1min/day) vs 2009 (146.3min/day) following growth of 7.2% in 2009 vs 2008 (136.5min/day) (eMarketer 2010/12/29)
    • Americans spend 13 hours weekly with Internet in 2010 which is as much as is spent with TV, up 121% since 2005  (Forrester 2010/12/13)


44% believe Internet is the best source for news in the US (Rasmussen Reports 2010/09/27)

  • PEW’s research also indicate 44% in 2010

Ad spend & trust

  • 43% notice ad banners on websites (Smart Adserver) (merci @lucdupont)
  • 46% of US SMBs don’t have a website (Ad-ology & eMarketer) (merci @tomtsinas)
  • 23% of US SMBs plan to spend more in online display advertising in 2010 than in 2009, 59% plan to reduce their spending (eMarketer VerticalResponse 2009/11)
    • 45.7% plan more SEM vs 28% planning to reduce SEM
  • 29% of B2B advertisers in the US will increase their online advertising budget in 2010 vs 13% that will reduce it (BtoB Magazine 2009/11)
    • 62% will increase in Social Media Marketing
    • 30% will increase in online sponsorships vs 10% that will reduce
    • 71% will increase marketing spend on their own site
  • 1 080 000 000 000 (yes, 13 digits) = ad impressions delivered in the US between Jan-Mar 2010, 15% increase over 2009 (944.4 billion) (comScore AdMetrix 2010)

Web 3.0 – the future of the Internet

Web 3.0 from Kate Ray on Vimeo.


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