Gaming is less gender specific in Quebec

This post is the ninth and final instalment in a series that depict the state of the online nation in Quebec vs the rest of Canada, North America in general, even France in some cases. The story began here in case you missed it focusing on what’s so different in Quebec. Part two is here and explains about our inferiority complex, our star system and how we are latin. Part three looked at who’s online in Quebec and how time spent online compares to other media. Part four compared online surfing habits of French and English Canadians by looking at the categories they navigate online. Part five looked at ad spend online in Quebec compared to other media. Part six looked our social networking habits, which sites we consult the most and which are we not returning to… Part seven explained the agency-publisher relationship in Quebec as it differs from that in Toronto or elsewhere. Part eight detailed how online sales reps need to be more creative, more resourceful than their counterparts in Toronto.

Should you expect a different clickthrough in Quebec?

Besides the fact that clickthroughs have been proven to be totally useless and irrelevant, in short, the answer is NO.  When we (the Quebec Council of IAB Canada) ask around our publishers for their average clickthrough rates in French Canada versus English, there really are no differences, even when you look at specific formats.

Where is traditional media going in Quebec?

The answer here is ONLINE. According to Cefrio, a Government of Quebec statistical agency, 45% of Quebecers watch television or listen to radio online in 2010. That’s 41% growth versus 2009. This trend is mostly among men under 35 living in urban areas.

  • 35% of online men listen to radio online vs 23% of women
  • 25% of women watch TV online vs 24% of men

2.2 million Quebecers watch online videos regularly. This is mostly among young adults 18-24 (73% of them) comparatively to 45-54 year olds (36%).

What about online video?

In Quebec, the younger you are the most likely you are to regularly watch online videos. 77% of 18-24 year olds do so, 68% for 25-34 year olds, 48% among 35-44 year olds, 36% among 45-54 year olds, 26% among 55-64 year olds. But behold a surprise! 33% of the 65+ segment regularly watches online videos. This trend was similar, albeit lesser, in 2009.

9% of Quebecers published online videos in 2010 versus 15% in 2009. On average, 45% of Quebecers watched online videos in 2010 versus 47% in 2009.

26% of Quebecers published photos online in 2010 versus 21% in 2009.

Gaming is much less gender specific in Quebec.

In Canada, 65% of all gamers were male in 2009. In Quebec alone however, in 2010, only 55% of gamers are male – making for a much more even gender split of games in La Belle Province.

33% of all males online play online games versus 27% of women. Only 12% play games on social networks with an even male / female split. 13% of men play console games via the Internet (like XBOX Live) while only 4% of women do.

Like for online video, the younger you are the more likely you are to be playing online games; however the differences per age are nowhere near as pronounced.

  • 48% for 18-24 year olds play online games.
  • For Quebecers 25+, an average 27% play online games. The slope starts at 31% for 25-34 year olds and ends with 65+ at 27%.

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