What are Advertisers’ needs for 2011?

This fall IAB Canada held its annual MIXX event in Toronto (Sept.30th) and Montreal (Oct.5th). This is the first in a three part blog series to relate to you what was brought forth during the event as new learning.

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Each industry player has his or her own needs to address that are these days different from what they were a few short years ago.

Advertisers’ needs

Like publishers, advertisers also need to increase their ROI. Moreover, advertising are seeking to increase the reach of their campaigns. They are also looking for more flexible advertising vehicles, capable of adapting to their needs on a per campaign basis, offering the possibility of carrying their brand beyond the simple opportunity to be seen.

Advertisers that use the services of large advertising agencies will through them seek sites that will offer a plus for their brands’ image. They’re looking for site than can have a positive impact on the user’s intent to purchase, brand appreciation and potential to share with their friends. However, more often than not they are only presented rudimentary data by publishers, limited to impressions, clicks, and frequency of exposure, interaction rate and time.

Many research study series such as IAB’s XMOS and IAB Canada’s CMOST have clearly proved beyond a doubt, on numerous occasions, that Internet generate significant lift in brand notoriety (spontaneous and assisted), intent to purchase, perception of brand attributes, message association, brand association to the ad, etc.. These, as with all other media, will vary quite a bit depending on the ad creative, selected editorial environment where the ad is shown and targeting, per advertiser category. I.E. there is no one simple recipe for all. The ideal recipe is to continually be in BETA with your media plan, meaning you should always be trying new things, confirming past successes and never assuming that something that’s worked for a long time will keep on doing so.

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