Hard Rock Cafe Boston

HRC BostonWe celebrated Canada Day (July 1st) and the 4th of July in Massachusetts this year. We took advantage of the long weekend to go to the Six Flags New England in Springfield and visit Boston. Naturally, a supper at the Hard Rock Cafe Boston was a must. Had I been alone, I’d have also driven the extra hour and a half to stop by the Foxwoods Connecticut location as well, but it was a little tough on our itinerary.

We walked the entire Liberty Trail that day and we were really beat at its end when we tried and I failed to climb to the top of the obelisk at Bunker Hill. The Trail runs really close to the HRC Boston – see pictures below. When we came back to it for supper (we also toured Harvard after Bunker Hill) I was so beat I totally forgot to take pictures of the interior. We did discover their new Raspberry Lemonade cocktail…

Here are the Hard Rock Cafe Boston t-shirts we bought:

HRC BostonHRC Boston  HRC Boston HRC Boston HRC Boston HRC Boston HRC Boston HRC Boston HRC Boston HRC Boston HRC Boston

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