IAB Canada’s MIXX 2010 – Key Learning

This fall IAB Canada held its annual MIXX event in Toronto (Sept.30th) and Montreal (Oct.5th). This is the first in a three part blog series to relate to you what was brought forth during the event as new learning.

comScore Media Metrics opened the day with updated numbers on Canadian online use.


  • Internet penetration is highest in Canada among countries where comScore is present.
  • This is where we spend the most time online (39 hours monthly) followed by Israel (37 hours monthly).
  • We are the 3rd country in total pages viewed

TV & Internet

  • 6% or Canadian TV viewers watch TV online only,
  • 29% watch television on TV and online while 65% only watch TV on a television set.

Online Video

  • Online video is consumed by all age groups
  • 53% of those viewers are over 35 years old.

Social Media

  • Canadians spend 5.9 hours and consult 657 pages monthly on social networks.
  • Canadians are 22% more numerous on social networks in August 2010 vs June 2007.
  • Time spend on social networks is up 11% for the same period.
  • It’s the same story for blogs where time spent went up 16% and photos up 36%.
  • Instant messengers are down 26% in reach for that same period.
  • Facebook is now on par with Google as a traffic generator:
  • In August 2010 Facebook transfered 1.7 million UVs to CTVglobemedia properties, 1.1M to Canoe.ca, 734 000 to CBC Radio-Canada and 303 000 to Corus Entertainment.


  • Internet use among mobile users went from 30% to 36%.
  • Twitter is visited twice as much on mobile devices than it is via PCs and Laptops.


  • The beaconing study is now available for most metrics and acts as a control to panel data (30k+ total of which 5k+ are Frencophones), mixing survey and census data.
  • Tagging and beaconing is now FREE for all Canadian properties below 1% national reach.
  • Since September 2010, comSocre has made its database available to PMB subscribers to enable complete sociodemographical, psychographical and consumption profiles of comScore measures sites. You must be a member of both studies to gain access to the merge of the two.

IAB Canada followed up comScore’s presentation with ad spend in Canada now at 1.8$ billion in 2009, which is 200$ million below daily newspapers and 1.3$ billion behind television, but 400$ million ahead of radio. In 2010 it is estimated online with reach 2.1$ billion which should place it above daily newspapers nationally, even if they should remain stable although they are expected to dip some more.


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