Goodbye, Hard Rock Cafe Montreal

updated September 11th, 2011

About a year ago, Montreal’s Hard Rock Cafe closed its doors.

It was established in a century old building on Crescent Street in the heart of downtown Montreal. It had a huge and very high skylight, typical of older Hard Rock Cafes around the world. Every Hard Rock Cafe boasts a wide variety of musical paraphernalia and often concentrates a little more on one or two artists. Montreal’s HRC was dedicated to the Beatles with a bright glasswork of Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, also special attention was given to KISS and Guns & Roses who incited a riot 20 years ago.  Why the Beatles in Montreal? Because Montrealers have a special (disproportionate) love for them, and this is where they held their Bed-Inn where they wrote and played “Give Pease a Chance”.

Portrait JimiHendrix - HRC MontréalVitrail Beatles - HRC Montréal
JimiHendrix – HRC Montréal Beatles – HRC Montréal

Those who know me personally probably know of my passion for the Hard Rock Cafe. I have a collection of over 70 t-shirts from different locations, some like Montreal that have since closed. Many I’ve visited personally, others friends and family have gone out of their way for me while on their own trips. Here are a few more pictures of the now closed Hard Rock Café Montréal.

HRC Philadelphia HRC Philadelphia HRC Philadelphia HRC Philadelphia HRC Philadelphia HRC Philadelphia

When they were closing, I went a few times and took advantage of 75% discount at the rock shop to buy loads of stuff for my friends, family and myself. You can find a complete gallery of all my Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts on Webshots where I also have galleries of Hard Rock Cafe location pics and me wearing my collection…

Here are my many Hard Rock Café Montréal t-shirts:

HRC Montreal HRC Montreal HRC Montreal HRC Montreal HRC Montreal HRC Montreal HRC Montreal HRC Montreal HRC Montreal HRC Montreal HRC Montreal HRC Montreal HRC Montreal HRC Montreal

I published this post in French a year ago as it was closing and it has remained one of the most read and commented on my French blog. Please leave a comment if you’ve ever been to Montreal’s Hard Rock Cafe, or if you’re also a HRC junkie like me.

September 11th, 2011, update

I’ve just returned from a vacation in France (August 2011) where I not only visited the Hard Rock Cafe in Paris 3 times, but on our last diner there the manager came and talked with us for three quarters of an hour! It turns out that the current manager of HRC Paris was also the manager of HRC Montreal when it closed on September 25th 2009. He was responsible for the Hard Rock Cafes of eastern Canada (including Ottawa, Toronto and Niagara) before his return to France (his place of birth).

Please check out my new post continuing the story of HRC Montreal published on this blog on September 23rd, 2011 (2 years after the restaurant’s closing and 1 after this original post) which includes recent photos of where it stood (still stands) and reasons why it closed.

Also check out my complete list of all Hard Rock Cafe blog posts.



  • Gustomucho says:

    Hi, a good friend of me is collection HRC t-shirt and I was wondering if you would be willing to sell one. You can write to me at if you are interested.

    • SamParent says:

      I’m replying here so the answer is available to all. No my HRC t-shirts are not for sales as I also seek to grow my collection. However, I know that many are for sale on eBay.

  • mary says:

    So, why exactly did the HRC Montreal close??

    • SamParent says:

      It’s my understanding that the fact the Montreal Grand Prix didn’t happen for 2 years was a determining factor. Why? Because that event brings in lots of international tourism, most of whom will eat at some point on their trip on Crescent Street. It’s too bad because the Grand Prix was back this year…

  • One of the Blue Guys says:

    Pity that the HRC in Montreal has closed.

    I’ve been there twice (in Montreal, multiple times in the HRC during those stays).
    Always liked it there. The food was good, the ambience was ok and the employees were friendly.

    Greetings to Steve if he reads this.

  • GARY says:

    What chance of an HRC opening in the near future now that the Grand Prix is back? we visit Quebec every February and next year will be our first chance to be in Montreal for a few days and like yourself collect the classic t-shirts from where ever we visit and would love a Montreal one 🙁 Got to Melbourne withing months of the HRC closing there so missed out on that one to:(

    • SamParent says:

      I’m told there’s a very real possibility of a new one reopening, but probably not in the same location. They’ll need someone to convince them I guess, to make it happen sooner than later…

  • Ger says:

    Sorry to hear it has closed ,We did a tour in 1999 through Ontario and Quebec Visited th ones at Niagara Falls (USA and Canadian) ,Toronto (skydome and Young strt) ,Ottawa ,Kanata (in the ice hockey stadium) and Montreal
    I am now making an inventory of all the cafes i visited ,thats how i came upon this site
    Like it !!

  • Vincent says:


    Noted you collect HRC Tees.

    I can get the Tees from Malaysia, mainly from Penang, Kuala Lumpur or Melaka for you. Although I do not collect Tees, I can do swap or sell to you.

    My current collection is mainly on Bottle Opener Magnets and Guitar Heads. I dont mind to swap with BO/GH, if you have.


    • SamParent says:

      Hi Vincent, wow, that would be awesome. I don’t have anything to swap really, but I would pay for these tees if you can also send me a few pics of the places so I could publish on this blog and I.D. you as the source. Contact me directly at

  • Pennsylvanian says:

    The Montreal HRC was one of the best for ambience, and I’ve been to most of them in North America. I’ll never understand HRC’s marketing strategy. They open some in strange places (meaning you wouldn’t expect one in that particular city (like Leeds, Nottingham, then close them just a few years later), or locate them away from the most touristy areas (Stockholm comes to mind) but don’t make it, not yet anyway, to Liverpool, or Vancouver?

    Hope Montreal gets one back, but the building the old one was in was better than most locations I’ve seen.

  • Merrin Smith says:

    Hi. I like the Hard Rock Cafes. I am from Australia and have just done a trip with my sister. We went to the HRC in London, Paris and Berlin. We were looking forward to going to one in Montreal and were disappointed to find your blog telling us that it had closed. So sad! I like their T-shirts too. They always have interesting decor too. For example the one in Berlin has a guitar carved from the wall with barbed wire for the strings.
    I am sorry to have missed Montreal’s by three years.

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