How can an SEO/SEM expert make money?

Question by Nawal Kumar Roongta on LinkedIn Answers, my answer below


I am an ‘Internet Search Expert’ & ‘Database Researcher’ having 15 years experience. What are ways and means on Internet to make money (without spending of advertising) by consulting of this expertise..?


My answer

You should establish yourself as the expert you are against your target audience – agencies, companies & publishers.
You probably already have a good network on LinkedIn – now set up a blog and :
– say it upfront you’re looking for clients, you want to consult, you’re available…
– share your experience,
– share your successes and who you’ve worked with in the past,
– share your opinion on current SEO, SEM and Database events / news

Next push your blog (i.e. what you are, your Linked In profile is where you’ve been and who you are, your blog is what you are, what you think) everywhere possible:
– in your linkedin status
– twitter, facebook status
– on your IM status
– in your email signature

potential clients will pick up on what you’ve been doing and decide they need your expertise.


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