Does Twitter use impact email use?

Question by Christopher Coleman on LinkedIn Ansers, my answer below


Anyone have a report that shows that the volume of email messages is diminishing since the advent of twitter?

I’d suspect that Twitter (and Facebook) would cause the number of “trivial” emails to decrease over time and I’m looking for some report that shows this.


Initial answer:

No, one does not impact on the other. Use of Twitter could impact Facebook or others and vice versa, depending on which you become more enamored with, or where your crowd moves to.
Spam is on the rise + Facebook & Twitter send email to let you know everytime someone follows you, wants to be your friend, comments on something you did…
If anything, email is on the rise.

Updated answer (2 May 2010)

Reviewing the question and my answer now, I can say I was wrong!

People are more and more using social media for direct communication for 2 reasons:

  1. It is relatively SPAM free. This nudges us to spend more time here than in Outlook (for example) where SPAM is constantly rising
  2. It is easier. If I’m in Facebook, or Twitter, or LinkedIn or whatever and think of something I need to say to someone (by written communication), I’ll use that network to send that person (if they’re on it, but most likely they are) that message.

I regularly (now) receive communications from contacts through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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