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What is the best pricing structure and value of the space on a 50″ plasma video board in a University satellite campus lobby (see demographics/add’l info in question details)?

I have the following demographics at the facility that
Gender: Count Percent
Male: 701 36.0%
Female: 1224 62.9%
Not Indicated: 21 1.1%

Age: Count Percent
Under 18 149 7.6%
18-25 1047 53.6%
26-35 396 20.3%
36-45 208 10.7%
46-59 132 6.8%
60 and Over 21 1.1%
Not Indicated 0 0.0%

Racial Background Count Percent
Asian/Pacific Islander 59 3.0%
Not Indicated or Unknown 197 10.1%
White 1418 72.6%
Hispanic 111 5.7%
Black 113 5.8%
Nonresident Alien 27 1.4%
American Indian or Alaskan Ntv 28 1.4%

Nearly all students pass by this board while on campus. It is also possible for me to break down the demographic stats by blocks of time for interested marketers if that’s more valuable.

It is also my intention to limit the number of ads to 5 in the rotation at any given time, there are approximately 5-10 additional slides at any given time in the rotation with informational content relevant to the students.

My plan would be to run each static ad screen for approximately 8-10 seconds.

Any ideas or am I trying to sell fairly worthless space?


I would recommend you compare to similar types of ad spaces available in the same market – small OOH, campus advertising, in-bar/store posters / TVs.
Then adapt a pricing in comparison. You’ve got a video (no sound) content which is worth more than print, but it is seen a shorter period of time, so you’ll cut the price depending on your rotation…

Once you have comparable pricing, you can adapt that further depending on local demand for those demos you can serve better than other outlets. Typically campus ads are worth more than in-bar because of the high concentration of youth.

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but this should get you rolling.

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