Best practices in translation?

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Looking for best practices for a large B2B website in terms of localization/translation of content

Our website needs to have translated content, which we’re ready to add. I’ve seen large sites that simply translate everything into many languages (and have language choices in the nav somewhere), and I’ve seen sites that “localize” – provide translated content based on country (with countries or flags in the nav).

In case it would influence your suggestion – not all of our products are sold in all countries, although the majority of them are.

What are some best practices? Anyone have any experience doing it one way and then switching? Why did you do so? What web sites do you think do it well?

Thanks in advance!


My answer here

I operate in Quebec, the French province in Canada, so everything here is bilingual French and English at a minimum.

I would add to my esteemed colleagues’ comments the following :
– translation alone will not create a success for you, regardless of how you present it of make it accessible.

You need local / cultural adaptation to whatever’s been translated. Words change meaning by region, terms, idioms. Plus the way you’ll present a product for it to sell will different greatly from region to region.


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