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ClassroomSamuel Parent is an experienced trainer, passionate, engaging and knowledgeable. He always adapts his training to his audience, be it a coherent group of a mix-match of various individuals, all depending on their:

  • size (small, medium or large company),
  • market (local, regional or national),
  • language (French or English),
  • position in the industry (advertiser, ad agency, media/publisher or affiliate of all kinds),
  • level of expertise/knowledge.

Here are some of the companies (advertisers, ad agencies and publishers) that have called upon Samuel Parent to perform custom training for their teams, either directly or through IAB Canada (2004-2014):

Contact me to set up training for your team.

I’ve published a few articles on my training methods and how I go about setting them up – check them out here:

Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics Samuel Parent can train your team(s) on:

  • For practitioners:
    • Integrated digital strategy
    • 360 landscape of digital possibilities
    • 8 Digital Communications Priorities
    • Paid, Owned and Earned Marketing in the context of off and online
    • Big Data / Analytics: the tools of the trade
    • Content marketing strategy
    • Online display advertising
    • Online video advertising
    • Programmatic media buying & RTB
    • Interactive (rich media) creative
    • Mobile marketing and advertising strategy
    • Social Media marketing and advertising strategy
    • Digital advertising targeting possibilities
    • Display Ad Fraud
    • Verification/campaign audit, brand safety, viewability, in geography, fraud…
    • Campaign Optimization
    • Marketing attribution modelling
    • Digital media pricing models
    • Media Math
    • Technological tools landscape for marketing and advertising (necessity and uses for each)
    • Digital advertising laws, codes, standards, regulations, terms and conditions, and other applicable rules.
    • Digital Advertising Sales
  • For managers and C-Level
    • SEO for management
    • Paid search for management
    • Social Media Marketing for management
    • Digital Marketing Priorities

Here are the training sessions Samuel Parent has performed to date (identified in the language performed):


  • 3 training sessions ranging from 45 minutes to 4h30 sessions, presented in French on a variety of digital topics – 38 hours of training so far in 2018.
  • 21 training sessions ranging from 1h30 to 45hrs, presented predominantly in French on a variety of digital topics – 154 hours of training so far in Montreal, Longueuil and Beloeil.


  • 21 training sessions ranging from 1h30 to 8h sessions presented predominantly in French on a variety of digital topics – 64 hours of training in 2016. These were performed in Montreal, Toronto, the south shore of Montreal, Montebelleau and Drummondville.
  • 17 training sessions ranging from 1h30 sessions to two full days presented in French and English on a variety of digital topics – 66 hours of training in 2015. These took place in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and elsewhere on the south shore of Montreal.


  • 23 training sessions in 2014 of one and two days (6 to 16 hours per course) presented in French and English on a variety of digital topics.
  • 45 training sessions in 2013 ranging from 2-4 hours, all the way up to 16 hours over two days.


  • 15 training sessions performed in 2012.
  • 19 training sessions performed in 2011.


  • 47 training sessions performed between 2002 and 2010 in French and English, in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Vancouver.

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