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Canada ranks 4th in Facebook penetration WW

Canada ranks 4th in penetration of Facebook users WorldWide according to a March 2012 eMarketer study. This places us behind Indonesia with 82,5%, India at 63,3% and Argentina at 62,1% but slightly ahead of the US where penetration is at 59,1%. According to recent comScore data on the reach of Facebook in Quebec (where I live) which I could compare with the total population from Statistics Canada, the penetration for this province would actually be 1 or 2 points higher than for the rest of the country (63%).

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Local online ad spend in Toronto and Victoria

The rest of the session compared ad spend with total marketing spend which in a study I’d seen 5 years ago in Quebec identified advertising as 50% of total marketing spend. Borrell suggests that where local specifically is concerned, across the country, non-ad marketing spending is 2.5x bigger than total local ad spend. The bulk (85%) of those dollars is being spent in promotions. Online promotions represent only 5% and ad production accounts for 9% of total marketing spend.

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Digital Culture – what is it?

There’s more and more talk about whether your company has a digital culture or not. Why is this question coming up more often? Because it is all too clear now that everyone should have paid attention or the early beginnings of the Internet as a media and marketing channel as opposed to playing catchup today which is what many advertisers, ad agencies and big media are doing today.

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How do people decide to accept an invitation to connect on Social Media?

The question was principally with regards to LinkedIn and how people chose to connect or not with other people. After having seen the answers already there, which surprised me a bit, I decided to answer as my answer was different from the lot. Most people responded they only connect to people they know in one way or another, or know the company the person works for – but they do not accept people unknown to them.

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What are 174 more experts predicting for 2012?

Every year I publish a round up of the various blog posts that crop up on the web predicting what next year will be like – I stick to interactive marketing and relevant topics as this would never end.

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