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2019 Digital Media Ad Spend Forecast

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Are you already wondering what digital media ad spend forecasts look like for 2019? I’ve compiled many forecasts for various digital ad formats and tactics, as well as those beyond 2019. This series of posts is now an annual feature on this blog. However, this year they’ll be shorter and published weekly. 2019 Digital Ad […]

2018 Mobile Predictions

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Is 2018 the year of mobile? Just kidding, that’s now very far behind us even if it isn’t every business that has yet to get up to speed where mobile is concerned.  What 2018 mobile predictions are you hoping will actually come to pass? Check out below for many 2018 mobile predictions. 2018 PREDICTIONS 2018 […]

2016 Mobile & Social Media in review

What happened to marketing in 2016? Like last year, I’ve split the 2016 in review into several posts. Previously we covered 2016 in general: 2016 general,design, fashion, food, journalism, music, science, sports and technology 2016 in business: business in general,customer service, ecommerce, privacy and website. 2016 in advertising: ad agencies,ad blocking, ad fraud, ad spend, ad tech, advertising in general, newspapers, radio & audio, out of home, search, television, and video 2016 in marketing: affiliate marketing,analytics, content marketing, email […]

Mobile & the Internet of things in 2018 & Beyond

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Wondering what’s in store for mobile and the internet of things? Wonder no more, below you will find more than what you were hoping for. What’s the “internet of things”? It is the embodiment of terms such as wearables, connected devices and smart devices. 2018 AND BEYOND So far I’ve covered the following topics in […]

Ad Spend in 2018 & beyond

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Are you looking for ad spend forecasts? For total media? For digital only? For television? Whatever you’re looking for, I likely have a link for it in this post! 2018 AND BEYOND So far I’ve covered the following topics in previous posts : the future in general, consumers & demographics, the environment, food, health, marketing, privacy, science, and travel. This time around, we’re […]

2017 Marketing Predictions

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What are the 2017 predictions in marketing? More specifically, what will happen with content marketing, data & analytics, influence marketing, location-based marketing, marketing trends, and mobile marketing? 2017 Predictions 2017 predictions are divided into 3 posts this week: 2017 in general(Monday) Marketing predictions (Tuesday) Ad Spend (Wednesday) Advertising (Thursday) Technology (Friday) Content marketing Online paid content […]

The marketer’s new digital toolkit – INFOGRAPHIC

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Dimensions of POE

There are 6 dimensions in owned marketing. You’ve likely heard of owned media, but really, this is not media, it is marketing. In the past, owned marketing has been called “below the line marketing”. That is, all marketing activities that specifically are not media.

How to easily navigate online advertising – INFOGRAPHIC

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There are 8 dimensions in paid marketing or media if you prefer. Out of the 3 types of marketing – paid, owned and earned – paid is the only one that is in fact media or advertising.

2015 marketing in review

So, what in fact happened in 2015 marketing? How did we fare compared to what we predicted was going to happen?

Is your brand still overlooking mobile?

This entry is part 3 of 13 in the series Digital Marketing Mistakes

Are you currently overlooking mobile? Is that knowingly so? Do you have plans to address this critical situation?