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2019 Digital Media Ad Spend Forecast

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Are you already wondering what digital media ad spend forecasts look like for 2019? I’ve compiled many forecasts for various digital ad formats and tactics, as well as those beyond 2019. This series of posts is now an annual feature on this blog. However, this year they’ll be shorter and published weekly. 2019 Digital Ad […]

2017 advertising in review

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What happened in 2017 where advertising is concerned? Like last year, I’ve split 2017 in review into several posts. Previously we’ve covered: 2017 in general 2017 in business Today’s post is all about the year in advertising: ad agencies, ad blocking, ad fraud, ad spend, ad tech, advertising in general Ad agency Top 100 Digital […]

Advertising in 2018 & beyond

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Are you seeking a crystal ball to tell you what the future holds for advertising? Look no further! 2018 AND BEYOND So far I’ve covered the following topics in previous posts: The future in general. This post covers consumers & demographics, the environment,  food,  health, marketing, privacy, science, travel, Ad Spend in 2018+. This post covers ad spend globally, cinema ad spend, digital […]

Programmatic – problematic for publishers

Media bought programmatically, or in an automated way is now unavoidable for most advertising agencies and advertisers. It is also part of the publisher’s landscape to some extent. Are there only benefits to programmatic buying? No, there are actually quite a few serious problems that face publishers specifically.

Required RTB Tech knowledge for digital media sellers

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This time we will explore another category of ad tech specifically tailored for the real-time bidding and programmatic media buying ecosystem: RTB Tech.

Online advertising targeting – intent-to-buy targeting

Intent to buy targeting is similar to behavioral and retargeting in the sens that you’ll target someone somewhere who’s demonstrated a defined behavior somewhere else. The difference lies in the de defined behavior – in this case a clear demonstration of intent-to buy. More specifically, that agreed-upon behavior is recent – most often is from the past 7 days – so that the user in question is quite possibly STILL in the market to buy that product of service.