Top 5 Social Media Mistakes and How to Fix Them Easily

Top 5 Social Media Mistakes and How to Fix Them Easily

Stressed out of the need to reach as many customers as possible, we all tend to make various mistakes. No matter the industry, there is a number of factors that might prevent your campaign from succeeding:

  1. Too much (often irrelevant) information
  2. A panic-like response to your social media dominance competition
  3. The unproductive task management and/or delegation

But do not beat yourself up – the most impactful companies struggle and make social media mistakes! One of the reasons why is it that the realm of social media is multilayered, and it’s constantly evolving too.

Anyhow, you’ll gain a better perspective, you’ll gain a clearer perspective on your own campaigns, and fix the mistakes as well. Fixing each social media mistake we could cover a game-changing step for your business. Patch up your strategy, and hopefully, loyal customers your company deserves!

Top 5 Social Media Mistakes (and How to Fix Them Easily)

1. Posting for the sake of posting

We can agree that visibility is crucial to social media success. Does it mean that any activity, no matter the quality, should your strategy benefit?

No, no, and more – no.

Businesses often turn to the social media network of choice. But if you’re not going to talk about your ideal customer, or communicating topics irrelevant to your offer, does it really matter how many people will see your post?

Aggressive, unrelated content could seriously hurt your social media marketing efforts. Long-term, it would surely hurt your company’s authority.

So, this is simple: make sure that your social media posts provide real value to your audience. Do not be afraid if that means less content – quality never goes unnoticed.

2. Running a blindfolded campaign

Sometimes, not having a plan can lead to amazing experiences. But when it comes to social media marketing (and marketing in general), this is not the case. Your social media campaign will fail with a clear strategy in place. There are many social networks and some marketing gurus even teach the “post on as many platforms as possible” principle. As previously mentioned, visibility matters. But without a plan, you will spread your resources thin and sink the whole endeavour! Fortunately, there are ways to set a winning social media strategy.

Here are some of the initial steps worth considering:

  1. Evaluate your offer to make sure it’s appealing enough, before getting started with social media
  2. Check your resources and plan the budget clearly
  3. Do not only schedule, post and leave the content on its own. Be present on your channels and available to answer any questions and requests.
  4. Set your goals as clearly as possible – what do you wish to achieve?
    1. Growing your fan base, so you could elevate brand awareness
    2. Expand the base of laser-focused leads
    3. Establishing your brand as an authority in your industry, as a long-term strategy, etc.
  5. Once your goal is set (preferably, only one goal).
    1. Who is your ideal customer?
    2. What is their favorite social network? favorite social network?
    3. Also, define their age, interests, purchasing habits, and so on.
  6. Lastly, if you’re working with a team, delegate. Social media campaigns take time to plan out, set up and execute.

So remember, a weak social media strategy or a complete lack of one, will bring nothing valuable in return. Plan ahead, and enjoy the growth – without stress!

social media mistakes

3. Mismanaging the feedback

Mastering the communication on social media is no easy task. One of the scenarios you ‘ll probably notice on social every day. Answering in a diplomatic, authoritative and friendly way is difficult, to say the least. So, most brands either ignore negative reactions, or they immediately apologize.

This is why both approaches are wrong: Each negative reaction is a chance for a company to openly communicate with customers. And every direct connection should lead to improvement and a stronger bond between two parties.

There is nothing more powerful than letting your customers know you, and that premium service is your priority.

Follow these steps, next time you encounter an angry, or simply criticizing how:

  1. As soon as possible, respond to the reaction
  2. Do your best to stay calm
  3. Don’t delete that unpleasant comment
  4. Always communicate with respect, care, and attention
  5. Finally, walk your talk – work hard to fix the issue and prevent new ones from happening!

4. Posting on every popular network out there

We’ve previously mentioned this mistake while observing the blindfolded campaigns. Still, we are aware how seductive trendy social platforms can be, so let’s explain why spreading out too thin is dangerous.

If you know anything about business in general, you know this: staying focused is crucial.

Furthermore, you’ll lose the precious focus by having brand accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Youtube, Reddit and so on. Once again, the principle of “quality over quantity” proves to work.

Unless you’re a gigantic company with breathtakingly rich resources, beware of over-posting, because:

  1. Chances are your ideal customer is not using all the platforms equally. As the matter of fact – he or she probably uses one, perfectly suiting social media space every day
  2. Posting everywhere is a waste of resources, efforts and time
  3. As you know, it’s not enough to merely post and let it be – as the number of platforms grows, so does your responsibility to engage with users
  4. Analytics and overall evaluation of results become challenging/confusing.

Instead of being a “Jack of all trades, master of none”, bring your best to one or two social media sites. Once you gain momentum and grow your business, you’ll be able to conquer other platforms as well.

5. Speaking to everyone, instead of your ideal user

Probably the most common mistake, but also the trickiest to detect in social media marketing – when you communicate to everyone, you communicate to no one.

Did you take the time to carefully define your target audience? While researching the niche, you’ll notice that each group of people communicates with each other in a different way.

Therefore, if you’re aiming at millennials who are also digital nomads, don’t speak to them about troubles of 9-to-5 lifestyle after the age of 50. In the world of social media, talking to a wrong audience sinks your strategy.

Here are some ways to fail-proof your strategy, and make sure you’re not attracting the wrong leads (read: ones that will not be interested in buying what you’re offering):

  • Take time to identify your ideal niche in details – visualize the ideal customer persona and speak to him/her only
  • Examine your already existing customers – which common traits do you notice? Is there a pattern?
  • Try to stick to one persona – you can easily expand later on, and create new ones if needed.


Without further ado, use the most popular social media! But remember, each social channel should lead to a quality website.

So, make sure your domain is well aligned with your business, and most importantly, that your hosting service is reliable. Trust us, you do not want your website to crash. For any questions whatsoever, we’re always happy to help!

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